Jan. 26, 2024

White Mountain Montessori Preschool recently completed our second round of lead testing for lead in drinking water. This is part of an ongoing effort related to New Hampshire’s House Bill 1421, which requires schools and childcare facilities to test for lead in drinking water and to act when lead is found at levels at or above 5 parts per billion (ppb).

Lead is a toxic heavy metal that has a range of adverse health effects if inhaled or swallowed. Lead rarely occurs naturally in New Hampshire’s drinking water sources and typically enters drinking water due to the wearing away of piping, faucets, fixtures, and other plumbing materials. Because lead is tasteless and odorless in drinking water, testing is the only way to determine whether lead is present. It is important to sample each faucet or water fountain used for drinking or food prep because test results can vary between locations.

During a recent testing, we collected samples from six water outlets (bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, and a spigot). Five locations tested at or above New Hampshire’s threshold of 5 ppb; however, four of those test results remain below the EPA threshold of 15 ppb. All water sources exceeding the 5 ppb level were shut off and the staff shifted to bottled water immediately. The table below lists the locations of all tested water outlets, sample results, and planned remediation.

Your child’s safety is our top priority and we are actively addressing this matter. To ensure our water quality, we are retesting on January 30th and adhering to guidance provided by the state and regulatory organizations.

We’re committed to keep families informed and in compliance with HB1421, we are notifying you within five days of receipt of these test results. We welcome your questions and can address your concerns and provide additional information.

Additional resources from the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services can be viewed at gettheleadoutNH.org